The campsite Playa Taray is situated in La Redondela, a small village belonging to Isla Cristina, on the Atlantic shore, between the Portuguese Algarve and the town of Huelva.

This campsite ,opened all year round, is located few meters to the sea on the most natural and extraordinary beach-areas of Andalusia, and is the perfect location for those lovers of nautical sports as windsurf or sailing.

Placed in a very nice natural landscape, this campsite and its surroundings are an obliged pass for a huge quantities of birds, inside the “Parque Litoral”, with a big pine forest, a chameleons sanctuary.

The campsite offers a wide range of possible accommodations: tens, caravans or even Bungalows for those who prefers a more comfortable stay.


Phone: + (34)  959 34 11 02

Fax:     + (34)  959 34 11 96


e-mail: [email protected]