Excursions Donana National Park

Donana Excursion 4×4 North Park…

Guided tours in vehicles for the North Zone of Doñana National Park . (Van & Buses)

Our tours are conducted by the northern Doñana National Park, visiting two of the most important ecosystems in Doñana: the forest and marsh.

The staff accompanying the visit, highly trained to carry out their work, consists of some of the best guides nature of the District of Doñana. Their experience and good treatment is undoubtedly the main guarantee of quality for a visit, with all the ingredients for Doñana enjoy to the fullest.

For better monitoring, the company offers its customers field and optical equipment (binoculars and telescopes).
For the best development and security of our visits all vehicles are constantly communicated among themselves, as well as the headquarters of the company.
Besides the magnificent landscapes can be seen a large number and diversity of birds, as well as (depending on the day, bearing in mind that the animals are free) different species of mammals (deer, deer, lynx, fox, meloncillos, etc..)

The duration of the visit is about 4 hours. It makes a stop about 30 minutes into the Visitors Centre Jose Antonio Valverde, where there is one of the most important bird colonies in Doñana.

It is a journey in special adapted vehicles, shared with capacity for about 15 or 27 people accompanied by a driver-guide.

Mornings Bus departures. 08.00 am
Afternoons Bus departures. 05.00 pm

Mornings Bus departures. 08.00 am
Afternoons Bus departures. 03.00 pm

Price: four hours itinerary approximately.
Children under 7 years old: 14€ per person
Adult : 28€ per person

For further information & reservations:

Phone numbers: + ( 34 ) 636 300 457
E-mail: [email protected]