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Huelva Climate

This means that summers are generally hot and dry, while winters are mild with some precipitation. Because of this, most people view this area as a year round destination.

On average, the warmest months of the year in Huelva are July and August. During this time, the daily high temperatures will hover in the mid to upper 26’s Celsius, with extremely hot days reaching the 32’s Celsius. During the night time, the temperatures will drop to the mid to upper 16’s Celsius.

The coldest months on average in the area are December and January. Although this is the winter season, the temperatures never get very cold. During this time, the daily high temperatures will remain in the upper 10’s Celsius and lower 20’s Celsius, while the night time temperatures will drop to the upper 8’s Celsius.

A Mediterranean climate is characterized by dry summer and wet winters, and this is exactly the case in this region. The summer months will rarely see rainfall, which is when most tourists visit the area. The winter months however are blessed with enough rain to satisfy the needs of this unsurpassable area.

The mild Mediterranean climate allows visits to Huelva the whole year round.

Huelva enjoys 320 days of sun, all year around, and temperatures ranges, with following ways.

Climatic template in Huelva