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A weekend in Doñana -

Well my friends, September came with its blessed climate in Doñana, where good weather, just heat and the cool summer nights are the best option to spend a weekend without the tedium of the hot August, and its legion of holidaymakers. Yes, September, an ideal time to stroll and visit every corner of our province, […]

Hoteliers and owners in Doñana -

Today we interview the owners at Hotel Doñana Blues, a singular establishment in the heart of Doñana Talking about Doñana Blues, we must dive into its origins and the reason for being. All this leads us to know something about its creators, the owners and drivers of this great idea that became a reality, in […]

Hotel Plata, unique and singular at Huelva -

Today I wanted to take my trip through the western side of the province, and fate has brought me, at these summer months, to the coastal town of Punta Umbria. Sun and beaches are the perfect combination to enjoy our vacation, or a small breakaway which certainly responds worthwhile to an occasion. With my own […]

Riding at Doñana -

“Riding at Doñana is the perfect symbiosis between man and nature, is harmony between the silence and the wind, the bucolic reality that invites daydreamers through the endless dunes and pine forests, where the sunsets surround you with its colours to take you beyond what is imaginable. If you come to Doñana is installed in […]

Finca la Media Legua “a pleasure for your senses” -

We continue walking throughout Huelva, and this wonderful province surprise us once again, with a unique setting in an idyllic environment, where the wayfarer and the traveller will find just reward, for their search along the extensive and wonderful landscapes of “La Sierra” Surely, if you know where you are going, or if you are […]

Doñana Blues, “a place in the world” -

Surely you have travelled a lot until you get here, and if you are interested in this story, is that you are one of those maverick, fleeing the standard circuits, and the most common lodgings. Well, today I want to draw your attention to this shelter in the world, and I say this not only […]

Beas, “The living Bethelehem” -

Beas is seated on a small hill about 123 meters above sea level, belonging to the lands of the County of Huelva, an area characterized because of its wines (Vinos del Condado de Huelva) and its countryside activities. This small town near the capital is focused on two main pillars: agriculture and livestock. Regardless of […]

Seasonal food: Cortegana “La Sierra gastronomy” -

It has been much commented on the excellence of the Mediterranean cuisine, its ingredients and its benefits to our body. In our journey for searching of the culinary excellence, now the fate has wanted to transport us to Cortegana, a beautiful town in “La Sierra”, which has gained good reputation for its warm and friendly […]