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General area description & introduction

Huelva is one of the eight Andalusian provinces and is situated in the meridian part of South-west Spain.

This privileged region is bathed on the south by the Atlantic Ocean. On the east, west and north is being surrounded by Portugal, the Doñana National Park, its countryside and La Sierra, which it makes the ideal place for those who want to rest and visit the Nature, in this amazing paradise.

This environment has an all-year-round mild climate, capable of satisfying the needs of any visitor that would want to enjoy its 3,200 hours of sun a year, or even choose it as a place of residency. The latest discovery for a total relax and enjoyment.

Strategic situated between the Costa del Sol (Marbella) and the Portuguese Algarve (Villamaura), this bit of paradise offers us a tidy and respectful pacification with the environment, to safeguard its nature qualities.

The development growth in this area is characterised with respect to this unique environment, fleeing of the massive constructions that would be impossible to enjoy these fantastic paradise.

Come to visit this area and enjoy a privileged climate, our Mediterranean gastronomy, and a ride of possibilities for leisure as cultural excursions, park visits, golf, ridding, fishing, aquatic sports, and many, many more.

This region is part of Andalusia, a bridge between two continents, Africa and Europe, and a meeting place between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. More than 18% of the region´s territory is protected by a vast network of Natural Sites, Parks and Reserves (more than 80), which puts Andalusia at the head of all of the autonomous communities of Spain in the defense of its environmental heritage.

The greater part of Huelva is taken up by Natural Parks, to which must be added the emblematic Doñana National Park, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

The variety of festivals and celebrations in Andalusia is as ample as its region geography. The Andalusian calendar reads like a veritable encyclopaedia of the arts and customs of its people.

The springtime festivals, harvest festivals, patron saint´ days, fairs, wine harvests and pilgrimages are characterized by the most elaborate displays of craftsmanship, cuisine, music and religious beliefs imaginable.

Some of the more famous products made by Andalusian artisans are ceramic tiles, pottery, metalwork, jewellery, leatherwork (Which includes shoes and equestrian outfitting), weaving and embroidery,      as well as other artistic textile products.

Enjoy the local festivals, where everyone dances and sings to the sound of Spanish guitars. Flamenco is the most authentic expression of the Andalusian folklore. The song festivals provide a full schedule of performances to suit all tastes.

Regarding the Andalusian gastronomy, this region is a privileged place in this aspect. Its climate being the number one factor, long hours of sunshine and a close proximity to the sea give this province of Spain a distinguished edge over all the rest. Olive oil, a traditional aid in all-Mediterranean cooking is the basis of our cuisine and is incorporated in most if not all recipes.

The local marinas in this area, boast an extensive variety of seafood that gives international reputation and fame to this cooking. Also the traditional andalusians´ specialities are easily prepared on each restaurant as: the gazpacho soup, tortilla de patatas, ajo blanco, salmorejo, pescaito frito, mojama, pinchos, and many other tapas… Examples of this are the white prawn of Huelva, whose exquisiteness and authentic delicatessen flavour is valued through out the whole world. As well as the prawn and the shrimp, a great variety of freshly caught fish can be sampled during the year. Examples of these are the golden bream, sea bass and tuna fish.

A special mention and also worthy of attention is the exquisite flavour of the Huelva clams (coquinas) and the typical deep fried cuttlefish (chocos Fritos) which also have their gastronomic fame in this area.

Besides the large selection of fish and shellfish, Huelva also has a secret and hidden delight, the Iberian pigs, these can be found in the mountains of La Sierra and its environs. The highly valued Parma ham (black leg) is the best and most delicious cut in the line of  meat products made from the Iberian pork. Also Iberian sirloins, ribs, sausages and cold meats are highland delicacies waiting for you taste.

To accompany these local delicacies, Huelva also produces Los Vinos del Condado, fruity young wines, but also we must emphasize some other famous Andalusian wines like the Sherry in Jerez, or the sweet Vinos de Málaga or dry Vinos de Montilla which are added to the more traditional beverages available across Spain.

In Andalusia and particularly at Huelva, distracting oneself, learning, exercising, enjoying nature, resting or just passing the time agreeably in a peaceful environment are options that are within the reach of any visitor.