El Rompido is a small village belonging to the municipality of Cartaya.
At first was born as a small fishermen settlement, near the mouth of the river “Rio Piedras”, and today has become a typical fishing village that still retains its traditional essence, managing to coexist with the sustained development of tourism in this coastal area, just to the construction of new hotels, golf courses and other tourism services.

Its economic activity is summarized in two areas, fishing and tourism. The last one has increased notably during the last years, offering enough accommodations to the tourist demand at this place.

El Rompido has about 4 kilometres of pristine beaches, surrounded by large pines woods, and its surroundings are equipped from rides and boat trips to a golf course, one camping, and various hotels.

This area offers endless opportunities for practicing water sports, like windsurfing, sailing, diving or swimming, also this is an ideal place to practice outdoor activities like footing or trekking among others.
Some other services available in this environment are a carting and a water park.

The beach of El Rompido is protected by “the Arrow”, a gritty edge that enters the sea, and which can be accessed on boat. Once we reached the open sea, looks pristine beaches of fine and golden sand.

Equally, we must emphasize its cuisine, rich in seafood and to be tasted at one its restaurants located along the beach. Finally we should not forget its living nature, highlighting the Marshes Nature Reserve of the Rio Piedras and La Flecha del Rompido, places of reference for nature lovers.


Holy week

San Juan night, June 23 to 24th

Fiestas del Carmen and El Rompido Fair, July

For further information:  http://www.ayto-cartaya.es