Finca la Media Legua “a pleasure for your senses”

We continue walking throughout Huelva, and this wonderful province surprise us once again, with a unique setting in an idyllic environment, where the wayfarer and the traveller will find just reward, for their search along the extensive and wonderful landscapes of “La Sierra”


Surely, if you know where you are going, or if you are lucky, and the capricious fortune guides you to this haven of peace, feel fortunate, because you can prove there is a paradise on earth. Welcome to Finca la Media Legua.

For those who already know the farm, and for the ones that after reading this story will visit this lodging, I dedicate this report.


Finca La Media Legua

Parque Natural “Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche”

Ctra. Sevilla – Lisboa  N- 433,  Km. 91,2
21208  Los Marines  – Huelva – España

Phones: + (34) 669 490 648 – 676 857 516


Its location will tell a lot from this place, which is halfway in Aracena direction from Los Marines.
Only 2 km from Aracena, at the right side of the road, you will find the entrance, be very careful, otherwise you will pass by.

Since you are entering the farm, you will enjoy a beautiful landscape that will accompany you to the apartments, many thoughts will come to your imagination, stories and legends surrounding the most famous forest you can imagine. Everything flooded with a crowd of gigantic centennial chestnuts, which will make you fly, in an almost unreal paradise, for your enjoyment and relaxation.

And then, the far emerges next to a beautiful garden with swimming pool, and a parking area. We are welcomed.

It style is Andalusian and rustic, brilliant and natural, warm and casual. Whether we stayed on its ground floor apartments (with porch), or in the first floor apartments (with terrace), we find excellent facilities, customized in each apartment, with all the requirements for a successful stay.


A total of 12 apartments at your disposal, with one or two bedrooms, including one adapted fordisabled people. Moreover, all of them have a fireplace, air conditioning, full bathroom, and a kitchenette equipped with everything necessary for our supply.

By now, there is no food and beverage service at “La Finca”, but this is not a disadvantage. You will have to choose to prepare meals in your apartment, or simply visit one of the excellent bars, restaurants and cafés, you will find at your disposal in nearby towns of “La Sierra”.

l5As a reference, I will tell you that it took me no more than 5 minutes, to get to Aracena (by car) from the farm, so keep the idea that its location is perfect for all possible conditions.

Also along with the farm, there are different mountain paths, where you will discover some memorable places, while practicing some sports such as hiking, biking, or horse riding.

And what about this environment, “La Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche”, a natural oasis with endless possibilities for our enjoyment as, visits to small areas of the Iberian pig farms, gathering of mushrooms and chestnuts in seasons, leisure, culture, the history of its mountain villages, and its cuisine, based on the game and the Iberian pig, the cradle of the black leg “pata negra” ham.

Finca la Media Legua, a break in time, where recover to live and feel, along with an unmatched environment.

And here I tell myself, because from now you will be the real protagonist, who will discover what is awaiting at this wonderful corner of “La Sierra de Huelva”.

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