Hoteliers and owners in Doñana

Today we interview the owners at Hotel Doñana Blues, a singular establishment in the heart of Doñana

Talking about Doñana Blues, we must dive into its origins and the reason for being. All this leads us to know something about its creators, the owners and drivers of this great idea that became a reality, in the heart of Doñana.


Carmen, a native of Barcelona, was linked for a long time the real estate sector, where she has been working as a public relation. It has led her to its current role at the hotel.

Antonio, our peculiar gardener, was born in El Rocío, for many years was linked to Doñana, but eventually moved to Catalonia, where he met Carmen, there he were been related to various real estate developments, along with his two passions: the music, which lived for many years professionally, and the writing, its other great passion.

This particular couple, based originally in Catalonia, always had the idea of settling permanently in Matalascañas. Since Carmen knew the place, about 20 years ago, was born the idea to create a small haven of rest and relaxation.

This brings us to the year 2000, where after arduous negotiations and several visits, finally they found an ideal place for its size and location. They were ready to shape this project which began as a dream, years ago.

Antonio: “The beginning was hard, launching the project, I remember that Carmen was in Barcelona, managing and closing the real estate section, while I was travelling many times at Matalascañas for bureaucratic managements, control of the works, and many others issues, we needed for the Hotel implementation.”

Finally, by the year 2003, Doñana Blues opened its doors to the public, realizing the dream of these two entrepreneurs.

Antonio: “Many years in music, and finally came here to make my last song: Doñana Blues.”b7

The hotel was opened with just 12 rooms, and became 14 the next year, juts with the opening of its Coffee-Bar as we know today. A year later, in 2005, the swimming pool was opened, a perfect place to rest during the summer months in Matalascañas.

“Since its origins this hotel has maintained a philosophy and commitment to a sustainable tourism, in the environment of Doñana, and therefore we have opted for improving quality in our services and facilities. Our target is to consolidate this boutique hotel, as a singular establishment of reference in Huelva.c9

Nowadays Doñana Blues, is a pleasant reality, which allow us to access another type of tourism, where the details, and the affection of its managers dominate the mass and the generic products that haunt us with globalization.

At the current touristic situation, we wonder what kind of customers entering the Doñana Blues.
Carmen: “Most of our customers are Spanish, mainly from Extremadura, Madrid and the north of the country, but also we must highlight the growing demand in external markets such as the British, German and French, among others.”

Finally, to complete this short interview, we would like to know what future vision gives us Doñana Blues.

Carmen: “Clearly, the future of Doñana Blues, is passing by the future of Huelva, where he must make a greater effort to attract new tourist markets, and to promote our destination against other competing markets, in and outside Spain. Obviously in this idyllic area, we have excellent beaches and an incomparable natural environment, but is our duty to improve infrastructures, services quality, and to believe in tourism, as the best investment for the future at our province. “

May 2009