Riding at Doñana

“Riding at Doñana is the perfect symbiosis between man and nature, is harmony between the silence and the wind, the bucolic reality that invites daydreamers through the endless dunes and pine forests, where the sunsets surround you with its colours to take you beyond what is imaginable.

If you come to Doñana is installed in your heart a feeling of love so great that you can not never forget, and the memories will forever link you to this land of contrasts, where nature in its   purest conditions. ”    2-61

Would be eight o’clock when I got the horse in el Rocío, and reaching the mouth of the “lobo”(wolf), my mind rewinds time. I warned my neurons, and over my brain began to enter electrical impulses by all senses.

My eyes gave me in the vast panorama of the “almajo” and “castañuela” plains, the horizon´s light gave me the mysterious mirror of my adolescence.

I got inside the “Marisma” (marshes) and the unmistakable smell of damp earth, woke me, and my nostalgia started to ride into my childhood looking for the empty corners of my memory by the absence of three decades without it. Tirelessly riding on the backs of my inertia, the air of Doñana hugged me tenderly, when the horse stopped sweating and puff, turned on itself with a funny caper inviting me to admire all the little things that make it so big and so beautiful at the marsh.

The horse splashed in the mud and soaked me again the smell of the clay, my heart beats increased anxiety and invited me to remain inside the marsh wondering:

Who am I without you? What, without your memories? I am your mud, your water, everything which has been modelling by your wind and your sands, a mist rider vanished at the horizon.

Suddenly, I blown away like the boat out in the ocean, I blown away like the eagle in the sky.  I turned to tree with hundred branches to accommodate nests and to seek shelter for the night all birds at Doñana. And if someday a lightning storm burns my soul, I will regenerate my cuttings and in the Doñana´s sand I will transform my energy.

And if I can not be tree, I will be grass, microbe, insect, which can be important if I am happy this morning, I settled being a simple leaf … for the wind to move me in Doñana.


By: A.F.Peláez

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