La Antilla and Islantilla, are two coastal towns and belonging respectively to the municipalities of Lepe and Isla Cristina.
Both share the same site and have evolved the same way, becoming a landmark tour of Huelva in recent years as a result of the effort of both municipalities, in turn this area into a landmark holiday from the 90s.

Since then, it has been created the necessary infrastructure to become a holiday reference enclave on the Costa de la Luz, providing this environment of a large number of hotels and apartments, in addition to golf courses, marinas and leisure places, which together with its beautiful beaches of golden sand and crystal clear waters, that make it as a reference point in Andalusia.

This area offers endless opportunities for practicing water sports, like windsurfing, sailing, diving or swimming, also this is an ideal place to practice outdoor activities like footing or trekking among others.

Starting from a family beach that has traditionally benefited from the national tourism, in recent years has evolved into the international market, and even today it competes with other coastal destinations in Andalusia. All this because of the development of their infrastructures, including most notably a 27 holes golf course, a large shopping centre with movie theatres, the marina of El Terron, and a perfect urban development, which along with its environmental respect, offers excellent services that have led it to be the first coastal strip without seasonal tourism, due to the large number of international clients visiting this area the whole year round.

At least but not the last, we must emphasize its cuisine, rich in seafood and its natural sites of high ecological value.


San Juan Fairs, June 23 & 24th

Fiestas de nuestra señora del Carmen, July

Fiestas de San Lorenzo, August 10th

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