The town of Mazagon is geographically located in the municipalities of Moguer and Palos de la Frontera. This village is surrounded by the Doñana Natural Park and with some protected spaces as La Laguna del Asperillo, Abalorio and las Madres.

It has gone from being just a summer coastal centre to serve as a major population centre. It is one of the most pristine coastal beaches in Andalucia which occupies a vast stretch of nearly 13 miles of golden sand stretching from the mouth of the Red River (Rio Tinto) until the Torre del Oro, which separates it from the populous beach of Matalascañas. The distance by road to the town of Huelva is 17 km. The highway N-442, which runs into the SE allows easy access to Doñana National Park

Mazagon is a coastal town of Huelva, which occupies a point equidistant between the rivers Guadalquivir and Red, who was born thirty years ago when a group of young families (of industries and technical staff) were installed in the area, which served as a residence holiday family from the centre of the country.

Mazagon, is a village that has been converted into a tourist resort thanks to its magnificent beaches and its climate. These beaches located between two lighthouses on the dune The Picacho, beachfront El Espigón almost six miles of beaches with very new recreational facilities and services.

Special mention is required for the “MAZAGON MARINA”, which in a few years, has occupied a place of privilege for the elite sport of navigation in its course of entry and exit of the Mediterranean.


  • – Visitors’ pontoon
  • – Information
  • – Weather information
  • – Public Telephone
  • – 24 Hours surveillance
  • – Showers
  • – Toilet Facilities
  • – Car hire
  • – Taxi
  • – Light-craft ramp
  • – Parking
  • – Bar and restaurans areas
  • – Blue flag 2005


Romeria de la Virgen del Carmen, First of May.

Feria de Mazagón,  First week of August.

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